Episode 02 - How To Live Flexibly, Overcome Restrictive Eating, and Stay Consistent 

In this episode, I interviewed my friend Don about his fitness journey and how he helps busy professionals live a flexible and healthy lifestyle.

1) We talk about Don's 7 year fit-to-fat-to-fit transformation.

2) Overcoming the obsession with clean eating and rigorous exercise

3) Finally, Don share's the systems and tips he personally uses, as well as the ones he recommends to his clients.

Don's Transformation - http://bit.ly/dontransformation

Don Graham is a London based Personal Trainer and online nutrition and fitness coach with 10 years experience in the field. 18 months ago he set up Easy Win Fitness - a system designed to help extremely busy people, especially Professional Women, achieve their physique and fitness goals.

Work with Don - www.easywinfitness.com

Don's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/easywinfitness

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