My Fitness Journey

My name is Kyle, I’ve had 6 years of experience with training and I’m a Master of None/Jack of All Trades. I’ve competed in and trained for many sports which include: football(soccer), rugby, track and field, cross country, swimming and a half marathon. Additionally, I’ve had experience with bodybuilding and body weight training.

However, I wasn't always athletic, I had the typical skinny-fat body type (low muscle development, high fat percentage) and I’ve always been ashamed of my body. My fitness journey started when I was 14, I was eager to transform my body and improve my self confidence. 

Unlike the normal transformations you’ve probably seen, mine had many ups and downs. I could never stay consistent and had an unhealthy mindset towards fitness.  I was going into the gym with no goals other than getting a ‘pump’ and without a structured program. I lacked the knowledge and a healthy mindset. I tried bodybuilding, calisthenics, powerlifting, intermittent fasting and many other protocols, but unfortunately I just couldn’t stick to one. 

It’s taken me 6 years to finally say that I’m decently satisfied with my body. I’m finally on the right path and I’m confident in making more progress. 

Even though I’m satisfied with how I look currently, I’m still seeking to improve. I follow a structured program(made by me and customised to my goals) and I have a much healthier and pragmatic approach towards my nutrition and training. 

If I had better knowledge and guidance when I started, I honestly could’ve achieved my current physique in just 2 years of training.

My fitness journey took much longer than the average fitness blogger/influencer but that’s why I think I can help and inspire the majority who want to improve their health and fitness. I want to share my journey so that you will avoid the many mistakes I made. I want to inspire and educate the people who are genuinely interested in improving themselves. 

As I’ve previously mentioned, this is just the beginning. Join me on my journey, and I hope to inspire and help you on yours.