It’s Not The Program That Will Get You The Result, It’s The Consistency With It That Will.

Consistency, not perfection. You could pay the most knowledgeable individual thousands of dollars to write you the perfect plan, but if you don’t adhere to it, you will never get the results.

This is why hiring a coach is life changing. A coach will not hold your hand, but will take away the guess work and give you the guidance you need to reach your Physique Goals.

If you’re reading this, it means that you’ve been accepted into my coaching program, so welcome! I’d like to share a little bit about why hiring a coach will be a life changing investment.


Why I Hired a coach

I was in a bad mindset on the left photo. I had enough nutrition and training knowledge to get results, but I was too afraid of eating more food and doing less cardio. After months of not feeling good and being stuck, I decided to invest some money into hiring a coach.

You may not have the same problem as me; we all start in different places. But I want to let you know that hiring a coach was the best investment I’ve ever made. After a few weeks, I saw amazing improvements in my mindset, performance and my body was looking much better.

This was because my coach saw things I didn’t see. Even though I had a lot of knowledge, it was difficult to apply it to my life in the most optimal way possible. Additionally, having a coach made it much easier to stay consistent. Having someone that I can directly contact for support was essential to my success, because let’s be honest, life happens and it’s easy to fall off track.


Why should you hire me

What you’re paying for is my time, energy and experience. I could easily write you a cookie cutter program and meal plan from templates available online, but how far will that really get you? It might work for a few weeks, but, for example, once you hit a plateau (which WILL happen and is part of the process) , having a coach to support you and make adjustments to your plan, will be the difference between succeeding an failing to achieve your goals.

I’ll start by meeting you where you are — how you currently like to eat, exercise, and go about your day — and WE will slowly transform it into a lifestyle that meets your specific goals, based upon your current lifestyle and fitness level.

Things will start off basic. Exercise wise, I will include high quality weight training and some steady state and HIIT cardio. In regards to your diet, I’m not going to give you a basic meal plan. We will be fun and flexible, include foods you enjoy and be conscious with the portions.

The key is, that I will teach you how to do it CONSISTENTLY.

Which is what success comes down to - doing the basics consistently, day in day out.

I’ve worked with the best coaches and I know how to deliver a high quality service that WILL get you to your goal.


My Services

1 on 1 Premium Coaching service (Package 1)

The service will provide the following:

  • My personal phone number which you contact me 24/7

  • Email support 7 days a week

  • Call with me every month

  • Accountability system to guarantee you are consistent

  • Customised Training & Nutrition plan suited to your goal and lifestyle

  • A fresh program every 6 weeks

  • Delicious and healthy recipes with calories and macros calculated for you

Cost: $299 USD /month or €267/month

1 on 1 Coaching service (Package 2)

(Most popular choice)

The service will provide the following:

  • Weekly Check ins

  • Email support 7 days a week

  • Monthly calls to assess your current progress

  • Accountability system to guarantee you are consistent

  • Customised Training & Nutrition plan suited to your goal and lifestyle

  • A fresh program every 6 weeks

Cost: $199 USD/month or €177/month

Entry Level Coaching service (Package 3)

The service will provide the following:

  • Weekly Check ins

  • Accountability system to guarantee you are consistent

  • Customised Training & Nutrition plan suited to your goal and lifestyle

Cost: $120 USD /month or €107/month

Wait! Most Importantly…

I was in your position 2 years ago, and if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking that hiring a coach is quite expensive, and you’re right. But remember it’s an investment.

Unlike other coaches, the longer you stay with me, the less you pay.

I work off a THREE MONTH MINIMUM, with all 3 months paid up front and in full.

Why three months? Any coach that promises amazing changes in your physique and life in less than 90 days is full of BS.

I want help you make life changing results. This kind of change does not happen in 8 to 10 weeks. Sorry if that reduces your excitement, but it’s the truth. If you want to actually get results that last you need to be patient and most importantly consistent.

Next, I need three months because we’re going to cover a LOT in the 90 days. Get you set up on a training and nutrition plan, teach you how to track your eating and hold you accountable. Mostly importantly, I will COACH you. I’ll teach you how to manage stress, stay focused on what matters, and help you work around the challenges life brings you.

The reason cookie cutter programs don’t work that effectively is because you will NEED to make adjustments, it’s to be expected and it’s part of the process. Before having a coach this is where I would get stuck. For example, my weight stalled for 2 weeks, I was eating in a calorie deficit and doing lots of cardio, but the weight just wouldn’t come off. I grew frustrated, gave up and rebounded. Looking back, knowing the level of stress I had been in and the fact that I’ve been dieting for 8 weeks, I could’ve advised myself to take a 2 week diet break and lower the intensity. Even though I had the knowledge, I couldn’t apply it because I didn’t have an outside perspective to help me. If only I hired a coach sooner I could’ve progressed much faster.

Every plan needs to be tweaked and individualized according to the results. So I will be reviewing your logs and measurements regularly, to make sure we are in the right direction to get you to your goals.

But What Happens After 90 days?

Well you’re free to apply what you’ve learned with me and go off on your own. However, you wish to stay longer, either because you’ve seen how effective it is to have a coach or you’re simply aren’t “done” with your goals.

If you wish to stay longer, I offer a month-to-month discounted “client loyalty rate.”

You can cancel anytime during that monthly plan. So while I’m more expensive than buying some random program, I am excellent value and a great investment.

Your Action Step

Really hope I’ve convinced you why making this investment is going to be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

In only 90 days, you’ll feel a major improvement in your mindset, performance and confidence.

If this sounds good to you, reply back to my email with “I’m in” and the service package you would like so we can get started with the prep stuff (filling out the assessment form, scheduling our initial strategy call, etc…)

THIS IS IMPORTANT - if you’re not interested anymore, PLEAE take a moment and reply back “no thanks” ASAP so I know what to do with your spot. And it would help me a ton if you could at least let me know why so I can improve.

Thank you again for your time and interest, looking forward to hearing from you.

- Kyle